Year 5 Meet & Greet 2021

Year 5 Meet & Greet 2021

Welcome back to another year of social events with MAMSA!

We started off the semester with our annual Year 5 Meet and Greet which we traditionally host to welcome our Sunway colleagues to Australia. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we could not have our Sunway colleagues over this year and the MAMSA social team went with the next best option – meeting up over our favourite videoconferencing platform Zoom. On Saturday, the fifth years got to meet our colleagues in Malaysia over a Zoom session of chatting and fun. We had a good laugh at our artistic (? questionable) drawings and had a chill and fun time together.

It’s always nice to meet new peers and share our experiences of going to med school and the differences between them. Although we couldn’t meet in person, we enjoyed the company of our Sunway peers over Zoom. We would have loved to have you guys over and introduce you to the best coffees in Melbourne and explore Victoria during your exchange.

Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming events and we hope to see you in person soon!

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