Affiliates & Sponsors


 Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia


Dao Noodle

We would like to thank Dao Noodle for sponsoring and developing the MAMSA Victoria Community. 


Mediscrubs is an Australian-owned and operated business that aims to provide a functional, comfortable and fashionable scrubs for the medical practitioners. We would like to thank MEDISCRUBS for sponsoring and supporting the MAMSA Victoria Community and events. 



Mumuyo serves naturally nutritious and delightful yoghurt drinks which are freshly made daily to order in-store with choices to add ancient grains, fruits or botanicals.
Members from MAMSA Victoria will be entitled to 1 free topping per full-priced drink at Mumuyo. This offer is only valid for in-store purchases and cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other offers (including our loyalty reward program).

Thank you MUMUYO for the ongoing support and sponsorship to support the MAMSA community. 


Nyonya’s Treat


Nyonya’s Treat is a local Malaysian business that offers homemade authentic nyonya kueh and desserts 😋😋 We will be ordering from them for our events so look forward to more good food!

Head over to their Facebook page to check out what they have to offer:


We would like to thank Dao Noodle for sponsoring and developing the MAMSA Victoria Community Website.

Gotcha Fresh Tea is a unique offering in the Australian tea space – much more than another ‘bubble tea’, Gotcha Fresh Tea is freshly brewed and made for each individual order.

Terms and conditions are as follows:
1. Offering a free drink upsize of topping upon presentation of MAMSA membership card (more info to come soon!)
2. Providing vouchers for all MAMSA members at our MAMSA events upon request
3. Offering a 15% discount on bulk order for the full menu with minimum quantity order of 20 drinks (Either Large or Regular)

Head to their website for more information: