Token of Appreciation – OMI

Token of Appreciation – OMI

On a warm spring day
My yummy rice bowl gulped down
I could use a nap.

— MAMSA member

Coronavirus has shocked everyone unexpectedly, but international students are amongst the hardest hit. Many international students, myself included, have experienced social isolation and financial challenges due to unforeseen reasons. During these difficult times, any help is appreciated, and I would like to express our deepest gratitude towards OMI for providing us with complimentary meals delivered right to our doorstep. We realise that the past few months have been extremely hostile to the hospitality industry, and your generous acts of services certainly deserves the recognition of every member of our organisation. Thank you. Below are some pictures our recipients of the free-food initiative have to say to you.

Moreover, we would like to thank David from the Melbourne-Cari-Makan group for his hard work behind the scenes and liaising with different restaurants to make sure that no students are left behind from this free meal initiative. We thank you for making all this possible!

Seraphina Choong
President 2019/20

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