MAMSA X Sunway Year 5 Meet and Greet 2022

MAMSA X Sunway Year 5 Meet and Greet 2022

💥 We kicked off the new year with our second ever online Year 5 Meet and Greet between the Monash Clayton 🇦🇺 and Sunway 🇲🇾 campus! 💥

We hosted it over Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions 🤧 but still had a great time breaking the ice with games 🎮 and exchanging med school experiences in different countries. 🤩🩺

Besides being an online event 💻, this year’s meet and greet was especially unique. 👀✨ We invited several alumnis from our Clayton campus (huge thanks to Evita, Evina and Eldon!! 🥰) to share their experiences as interns in Australian hospitals. 🏥🥼

After a Q&A session, we ended the evening in breakout rooms, chatting and playing online games together! 🎮🤩🌟

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