MAMSA & Melb MD1 Brunch and Boardgames Event

MAMSA & Melb MD1 Brunch and Boardgames Event



MAMSA held a casual brunch and boardgames session on Saturday, the 1st of May to welcome some MD1 students from Melbourne University into MAMSA.


The day started off with a nice autumn morning, a perfect day for a brunch session in Henry and the Fox in Lt. Collins Street. Amidst the cozy environment of the establishment, we had a fun time getting to know each other, and introducing MAMSA to a new batch of MD1 students in Victoria. It is no surprise that bonding over good food equates to a good morning spent indeed. (Just looking at that burger makes me hungry). In addition, we even got onto setting up a special WhatsApp group dedicated to forge closer bonds with our counterparts in Melbourne Uni!




After brunch, we headed over to Ian’s house to play some boardgames. It wont be a complete MAMSA event without one! With games such as Bartok, Saboteur and Game of Thrones making their usual appearance, it was a recipe for a good time.

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