MAMSA iDarts and Board Games Night 2022 🎯

MAMSA iDarts and Board Games Night 2022 🎯

We had such a fun night of dart games 💥 and drinks 🥂 at one of our sponsors in the city – 🎯 iDarts 🎯 !! We had a wonderful time bonding ✨ and dart throwing, especially with our MAMSA exclusive deal of 🤩⚡️ Buy 1 Drink get 1 FREE Darts game 🤩⚡️

Most of us started off as complete newbies to darts, 🤭 but after a couple rounds of some friendly competition we all came out as absolute dart pros 😎🔥💯 Okay maybe not, 😬 but we did eventually get the hang of the game and even managed to score some bullseyes! 🎯👀✨

Hope y’all are looking forward to next semester’s MAMSA events!! 🤩💥

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