MAMSA’s 3rd Annual General Meeting

MAMSA’s 3rd Annual General Meeting

With 2015 coming to an end, MAMSA’s 3rd Annual General Meeting was held on the 26th of September in the Law Building to select the new committee for 2016. The process for the selection of candidates begun well in advance, with the nominations and preliminery interview being held before the general meeting.

We were fortunate to have some members from MASCA and other Malaysian Committees to be present in our election. The selection process took place by vote, where MAMSA members are given pieces of papers and a pen to note their candidate of choice. The paper was then folded to be placed in the box, after which votes are counted to decide on the candidate successful for the post.

Some fantastic speeches were heard on that day. Especially from candidates vying for the president post. In the end, it was Sharon Chen that was elected as President, with Bryan Tan being voted in as the Vice-President. Other posts such as the secretary, treasurer, academic, social, liaison and Melbourne University reps were then selected as the election process went on.


The day ended with a new committee for 2016. The MAMSA legacy goes on.


The Committee for 2016 will be as follows;


President: Sharon Chen
Vice president: Bryan Tan
Secretary: Yi May Cheah
Treasurer: Selena Siow
Academic representatives:
Year 1: Mae Yi Chong
Year 2: Kevin Yoong
Clinical: Kelvin Poon
Melbourne Uni: Michael Angputra
Social representatives:
Monash Uni: Neri Tan
Melbourne Uni: Ian Teh
Training and development coordinator: Tiong Wee Teoh
Vice training and development coordinator: Susan Yee
Liaisons officers: Aunchian Yeoh
Events officers: Zhixuen Low, Cassandra Lee, Louis Lee


We’d like to take this opportunity for saying how we, the committee of 2015 were glad to have served all the members of MAMSA and hope that you had a great time!


Otherwise, I’d like to conclude this with saying a big congratulations to the selected committee for 2016!







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