MAMSA Orientation 2016

MAMSA Orientation 2016

Welcome to MAMSA! Our annual orientation marks the beginning of yet a another year of fun-filled activities! We organised a bunch of activities to welcome all 130 members, ranging from Year 1s to working residents/interns.

We started off with an introductory committee talk, where all our committee members gave everyone a snapshot of what they have been doing as well as whats in store for the members in the near future.


Sharon and Bryan extending their warm welcome to our new members



Selena introducing our very own MAMSA hoodie


The short talk was followed by some ice-breaking games, where all the members were split into 2 large groups. Each person had to submit a couple of random facts about themselves, then each team had to take turns sussing out each person in the opposite team based on the facts. It was great fun learning bits and pieces about each person, and saw much laughter when people started accusing each other for fun based on ridiculously absurd statements.


Neri going through rules of the game with everyone!



Our 3 game facilitators having a fit after reading mysterious yet ridiculous facts from the members


We ended the day with lunch – endless boxes of pizza and vegetable dip, as well as little Yeo’s carton drinks all the way from Malaysia!


Meet our new Y1s!



Nice to see some new faces!



A group photo to end the day!


It was a great opportunity to get to know our new members, and it was such fun catching up with friends after the summer holidays! We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and are looking forward to our future events! 🙂

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