MAMSA Mid-Autumn Festival

MAMSA Mid-Autumn Festival

The MAMSA Mid-Autumn Festival was held on the 27th of September 2015 in the Law building of Monash. Despite being in Melbourne, which is notorious for its rapid changes in climate, were fortunate enough to be blessed with the appearance of a radiant full moon that night! No better way to usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival. As luck would have it, this Lunar New Year also coincided with a Total Lunar Eclipse, though it was best viewed from Europe. Hmm, here’s a food for thought, wonder what the ancestors would say about a blood moon coinciding with Lunar New Year?


All that aside, the Mid-Autumn Festival this year featured something amongst our social calendar that was a first for MAMSA. Instead of having a potluck event, we had catering this time around! And I for one have to say that the food was just downright amazing. Its not everyday that we find authentic and sumptous Malaysian delicacies such as nasi lemak, chicken curry, char kuay teow and fried chicken. Everyone was having a great time speaking to fellow MAMSA members.


There were a few really fun games devised for that night! It was one that tested one’s patients and wits to the very last string. Though unsure of the name of the game, it entailed naming 3 objects and guessing the 4th in an apparently “intricate” sequence. One that got alot of members scratching their heads and thinking for hours. Once they got it though, it was one of the best and yet most frustating moments felt in a long time. What is the name of the game you ask? Well, ask around and you will want to play it too!


The night then concluded with some pictures being taken.








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