MAMSA Dandenong Ranges 1000 Steps 8/8/2015

MAMSA Dandenong Ranges 1000 Steps 8/8/2015

We had a Dandenong Ranges trip earlier this year which was a huge success. Based on that, we couldnt help but organise one more climb! In addition to being super fun, it was a great opportunity to get out from studying and getting to know fellow MAMSA members amongst the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges.


Located just 35 mins away from Clayton, Dandenong Ranges is a must visit destination for Clayton-based students. The beauty of the fern forests and the relatively easy hiking path makes it a very popular destination for weekend joggers. Thus, MAMSA would not give up an opportunity to promote exercise amongst our members. We held the Dandenong Ranges trip on the 8th of August 2015 (what an auspicious day)! With all that gloomy winter weather amongst us recently, we were blessed to have a day without rain on the 8th.


The hike started about 10am (late enough to cater to a late Friday night hopefully). The beautiful path and relatively breezy weather made the hike a very exciting one. The fresh forest air must’ve been nostalgic for those who have been to the Dandenong Ranges before. Contrast this to a hike in Malaysia where the humidity would strike one immediately 5 minutes upon hiking!


After the hike, we went to Sophia’s for lunch. This Italian branch of restaurants boasts some huge portion sizes. Just great after a calorie-burning hike (probably defeats the purpose of the hike).


It was a day filled with enjoyment, and we hope that everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly that Saturday! Here’s the pictures!

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