MAMSA 2017 Orientation!

MAMSA 2017 Orientation!





On the 4th of March, MAMSA Victoria successfully held its annual MAMSA Orientation Day! This year, we are proud to have a total of 141 registered members, including our awesome group of alumni doctors and year 1 newbies. The event first kicked off with a series of introductory talks about each MAMSA department, followed by a feast of pizzas, snacks and fun games 😀

Highlights of the day include:

1. Playing charades with ‘Aun Chian’ as a ‘famous person’

2. Janyce’s poker face and ultimate deceptive skills

3. Aaron’s solo karaoke session featuring 1990s and 2000s Chinese songs

We hope that our members had a great time together and look forward to creating more joyful moments for everyone (: Please stay tuned with us for more events and supports throughout the year!

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