Committee Handover Meeting (2014/2015)

Committee Handover Meeting (2014/2015)


At the conclusion of yet another successful year, MAMSA welcomes fresh faces into its committee with the Committee Handover Meeting on 4/10/2014.


Held in the Monash Medical Centre, some of the highlights of this event included the handover of certificates of appreciation for the past committee members and a meeting with with the new committee to plan out activities for the new year.


The atmosphere was a calm and relaxed one filled with the occassional jokes as members got to know each other and bond through this meeting. It was indeed a good start to yet another year as MAMSA was maturing as an organisation striving for the welfare and best interests of its members.


The day concluded with a dinner in a nearby restaurant for a bonding session between members, as MAMSA tradition would have it.


Welcome the Committee of 2015! Here’s to a wonderful year yet again for MAMSA!






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