MAMSA’s Ultimate Frisbee Event

MAMSA’s Ultimate Frisbee Event

As an organisation that endeavours to provide for the welfare of medical students across Victoria, it is only natural that MAMSA has events to promote the health and wellbeing of its valued members. As such, the MAMSA’s Ultimate Frisbee Event was organised on the 12th of April in the Oval Fields opposite Briggs and Jackomos Hall.


As it was a Sunday morning, the event started at 10am to cater to the members who were burning the midnight oil to get through their studies *cough cough*. The day started with a game of Ultimate Frisbee that surely got everyone’s hearts pumping. It would be an understatement to say that Frisbee’s are tough, especially to those who are new at this sport!


As a form of encouragement for others to join, and for the ease of managing the score, it was decided that we would play CaptainBall instead, having tried out a brief session of Frisbee. There were two teams which consisted of approximately 8 members each.  It was similar to netball, in that players had to pivot on the spot upon receiving the ball. In place of a goal, we had a person from the opposite team stand in an allocated square where they would score for their team if they succcessfully caught the ball.


At the conclusion of the games, every player was breathless, but undoubtedly enjoyed themselves in the games. This event sparked the interest to pursue a further event of hiking up 1000 Steps in Mount Dandenong, something that we would all look forward to.





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