MAMSA Year 2 OSCE and Pre-Clinical Suturing Workshop

MAMSA Year 2 OSCE and Pre-Clinical Suturing Workshop

As part of our Academic Calendar for this semester, we held an OSCE Practice Session at 10.00am on the 16th of May aimed at familiarising our Year 2 members with their upcoming year-end OSCE’s.


The event organised by the Year 2 Academic Rep, Dee Zhen focused on 2 important systems in Year 2, namely the Respiratory and Gastrointestinal System. There were loads of senior students, including members ranging from Year 3 to Year 5 students sharing their knowledge on the particular topics. Year 2 students were paired together and taught by seniors(acting as examiners) who guided them based on the stems and marking sheets.

The agenda of the day consisted of the following;

  • Respiratory History (Pulmonary Embolism)
  • Respiratory Examination
  • Gastrointestinal History (Colorectal Cancer)
  • Gastrointestinal Examination

During the afternoon session, MAMSA’s inagural Pre-Clinical Suturing Workshop was allowed our pre-clinical members a chance at having a go at suturing with actual suture materials. We could not have done it without the help of Dr Galaxy Wong, a figure that requires no introduction amongst Monash medical students, known for his excellent teaching of anatomy in various teaching forms to capture the interest of medical students. In the conclusion of the event, there was a clinical skills session ┬áconsisting strategies in interpreting Pulmonary Function Tests, Liver Function Tests and Chest X-Rays. In additon, participants were also expected to explain how to use an asthma puffer to patients.

Members who attended the day will be given access to the stems and marking sheets for future revision purposes.


Our team from MAMSA hopes that everyone found the following session helpful. Stay tuned for more academic events running throughout the year, as there will be more forthcoming! =)








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