MAMSA Sports Day!

MAMSA Sports Day!

Post by Natalie Ling.

They say Saturdays are for sleeping in but I guess this doesn’t apply to our fellow MAMSA members because MAMSA social events are definitely more exciting and fun than our dreams. On Saturday, our fellow MAMSA members gathered together for a super exciting and fun event – MAMSA Picnic and Sports day!

Laughter, cheers and sweat filled the whole court when we played our all-time classic game (drum roll ?) – captain ball!

After the game, some well-deserved delicious food and drinks were prepared to fill the grumbly stomach and dehydrated body. Members from all year levels came and great bonds were made. Advices ranging from studies, life and even driving and parking skills were imparted from the members.

Everyone had a really great time and this is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday. ??❤

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