MAMSA Merdeka Night

MAMSA Merdeka Night

In conjunction with Merdeka Day, MAMSA held the MAMSA Merdeka Night event in the Rotunda building to commemorate this memorable day in Australia. The atmosphere and food definitely gave a homely feel. The year 1 MAMSA members were cooking up a storm preparing dishes like fried wantans, curries and various other local delicacies to the point that they missed part of the event in an attempt to prepare all the food. Thats commitment to preparing amazing food right there! In addition, the Year 4 members pitched in to cook mee goreng, while the Year 3’s brought some much-sought after dishes such as nasi lemak and rendang. There was also roti canai to be had that night, something we miss dearly here in Melbourne, probably due to the intense cost of a RM15+ roti canai after converting the currency!


It was a good time to catch up with members from other year levels. Nothing better than taking that Saturday night off.


That was not all though, the night then concluded with a screening of “The Journey”, a Malaysian film that is ranked 7.7/10 in IMDB. (a rating higher than that of Man of Steel!) Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t watched it already!



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