MAMSA MasterChef 2015

MAMSA MasterChef 2015

MAMSA organised its first-ever cooking competition, aptly named the MAMSA MasterChef 2015 on Saturday, 23rd May 2015. There were 3 participating groups, namely Housewives of Oakleigh, Dans l’assiette and High Rollers. That being said, there was an overwhelming turnout of spectators who had to pay a $5 entry fee (trust me it was well worth it). All 3 teams presented a short introduction of their menu for the day, which included an entree, main and dessert. It did get everyone’s excitement reach skyhigh at this point, with some very technically difficult dishes being put out in the menu. It was an event not to be missed.


At 1.25pm, each group had a kitchen to themselves and started cooking. Having joined the competition as a competitor, I can attest that the atmosphere was intense indeed, we were pressed for time. However, the oncoming flock of spectators did boost our morale up and got us really excited and happy to cook for everyone. The look of excitement and the ongoing cheers from the spectators got us riled up to give it our best! We knew we had to cook up a storm, the expectations on us were just enormous. It seemed that every swerve of the knife and every move just wasn’t fast enough to allow us to finish in the 2 hour time limit. We had passers-by that mentioned that the whole of Jackomos Hall that day smelled of amazing food. That’s a testament to the amazing platter being dished out by all the teams that day.


All 3 teams had their food out by 3.25pm. Everyone gathered in the Common Room, where the tasting test would be undertaken. The judges had a taste of the dishes, followed promptly by the spectators and fellow participants who just could not hold back their excitement for the amazing food. Well, I daresay that despite gaining a solid kilo or two from the event, I came home happy and content, being able to see the amazing talents again amongst our MAMSA members.


And finally, here’s something to bring up those nostalgic feels from the day itself. A video compilation of all that happened during that amazing day created by the one and only, Louis Lee. The link to it is as follows;


In all, veryone had a great time catching up with friends, while learning a tip or two about cooking. Without further ado, here’s the pictures from the event!

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When it comes to good food, neither an article nor a picture does it justice to how well it tastes!

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