MAMSA Cambodia Volunteering Fundraiser 2015

MAMSA Cambodia Volunteering Fundraiser 2015

MAMSA held a Bake Sale to raise frunds for our Cambodia Mission Trip that will be held in the end of our 2015 calendar. The aim of the bake sale was to raise funds to make the trip more affordable to our members. This time around, we held the Bake Sale in front of 27 Rainforest Walk, or more fondly known as Building 15. Our salespersons also went around the university to sell our baked desserts to the wider university community.


Through a collective effort, members from all year levels, from Year 1 all the way through to Year 5 pitched in to bake delicious treats, such as muffins, cookies, banana cakes and cheesecake brownies. Its a fantastic time to indulge in these oh-so-sweet and amazing goodies that are bound to brighten up anyone’s day.



Louis Lee, from Year 2 also designed the poster, an amazing piece of art that is worthy of a special photo in this post. That must’ve been the crowd-puller in addition to the scent of those sweet delicacies going around Building 15, drawing students from all corners of the university. We had an awesome turnout with students from all walks of university, up to university staff and notable professors making a generous contribution to our cause.

MAMSA truly is blessed to members who are wonderful bakers! A special thanks to our wonderful bakers for baking these scrumptous treats. We would also like to thank the volunteers who helped man the stalls during the event, it wouldn’t have worked without everyone’s collective team effort!





What an amazing poster. A picture does say a thousand words!



Yum yum







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