MAMSA Board Games Event

MAMSA Board Games Event


The MAMSA Board Games Event was held on Tuesday, 7th April 2015 in place of the Mornington Peninsula Trip that was scheduled then due to the unfortunate change in weather.


The event was held during the Easter Break, with an exceptional turnout from our First and Second Year MAMSA Members.


Featuring a potluck event from the members, some of the highlights of the day included members trying out Yi May’s renowned homemade pancake and Susan Yee’s sumptous scrambled eggs. It was an amazing Easter feast indeed!


With the premier of Season 5 of Game of Thrones coming up in the end of the week, MAMSA members indulged themselves in the Game of Thrones boardgame in 7 hour session that surely got everyone reeling with excitement.




The day ended with a dinner in Glen Waverley to cap off an amazing day. It was surely a bonding experience for everyone that attended the session!


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